Feedback from Mary, a visitor from the UK in 2018

Ruth and I spent a lot of time on the way home talking about the wonderful food, amazed at the variety of vegetarian dishes served up and with not one pasta dish - the usual vegetarian option in any restaurant. I have been busy printing off the recipes and as I write Catalan-style Chickpeas dish is on the go, albeit in a smaller quantity. So as to feedback re food every meal was first class and please do not make any changes to this.

Classes - As you know I have had very limited experience of yoga and meditation. I was concerned before I came about whether I would be able to 'keep up' with everyone especially with the knee and back problems I have. During our various classes I never once had this feeling. Joo - you are so perceptive and anticipated any potential difficulty I might have and just made suggestions for how I could work. With such mixed ability in our small class you catered for each of us and at the different levels at which we could all work, making sure also that we were all totally comfortable during our meditation.

The timing of the sessions worked well. The working in pairs, the talking circle and listening were particularly useful.

The absence and distraction of radio and TV gave time to indulge oneself in self-examination and have the opportunity to think.

So in short - carry on what you are doing as you are doing it so well.

Feedback from Ruth, a visitor from the UK in 2018

Your ability, Joo, to gauge the room & alter poses or make changes for our comfort & very differing abilities & flexibility was so much more than just intuitive - it’s a real gift.

The calmness & serenity you brought to the room during meditation was a completely new experience for me & I really hope to repeat that in some measure now that I’m home.

Outside of the classes, yours & Patrick’s good humour made us all feel so welcome, whilst invading your space.

We’ve spoken so much about the food - nothing to add, other than how are you going to keep that up?