Personalised self-care breaks


Set in deeply peaceful and quiet countryside, surrounded by nature and birdsong, we will look after you while you are with us. This is your time to re-source and re-nourish. Tell us what you would like to get out of the time you have, and we will design the programme for you, drawing on our broad skills and many available resources. Whether it’s a long weekend, or a full week, the days could include any or all of the following:

  • an outdoor activity (e.g. hike around the ruins of an abbey with the dogs, or sunrise-qigong on the beach),

  • class time in our home studio (e.g. meditation, yoga, qigong, Alexander Technique, vocal technique or breathing coordination)

  • time for treatments (e.g. massage, energy healing, acupuncture, or gong baths)

  • quiet time for reflection and contemplation, napping or reading in the garden, on the sofa, or in your bedroom

  • days out to explore the local attractions (e.g. Mont-St-Michel, Bayeux, Granville, or local brocantes, weekly markets or boulangeries)

  • homemade, organic meals with veg from our garden or the local organic farm

  • time for talking and listening


We are Patrick and Joo…

…and La Scellerie is our home. We open our home to small groups for personalised self-care breaks. Our retreats are designed for groups of up to six people, comprising personalised content to suit your needs and intentions. We keep these groups small so we can give you our personal attention and care. We tailor the classes, treatments and meals to suit your needs and preferences. We share our home with you, and provide a safe space for you to be cared for.

Joo is an acupuncturist who teaches Yoga, Qigong and meditation. Born of migrant Chinese heritage on the Malaysian island of Penang, Joo has studied, worked and lived in the US, UK and China. After 17 years in the corporate world, Joo decided to dedicate his life to the practices that nourish him: yoga, qigong, meditation and acupuncture.

He is fortunate enough to have studied with some of the world’s leading teachers: Judith Lasater, Max Strom, Matthew Raymond Cohen, Mimi Kuo-Deemer, Donna Farhi, and Sarah Powers. He has been teaching since 2007. His classes blend the ancient arts of yoga and qigong: slow, mindful movement with great emphasis on alignment, breath and intention. In his classes you will not only stretch and strengthen muscles, you will also work with awareness of meridian lines and your energetic body. Now, he runs workshops and retreats internationally several times a year, and teaches yoga, qigong and breathing classes weekly in the Coutances & Saint-Lô area.

Joo was personally trained in acupuncture by Master Acupuncturist and author Gerad Kite, founder of the Kite Clinic and the London Institute of Five Element Acupuncture. Joo is also very fortunate to have as a personal friend and mentor the acupuncturist and author Cameron Tukapua, who founded the Christchurch College of Holistic Healing in New Zealand. For more about Joo, visit his website.

Patrick teaches the Alexander Technique, is a professional singer and teaches healthy vocal technique to singers and speakers of varying styles. He has a special interest in breathing and helping people return to health. Through the Alexander Technique he helps people reduce pain, improve mobility and energy levels, bring calm and clarity to their thinking, and discover more choice in their emotional reactions.

In a parallel career he is a tutor for NFSH-The Healing Trust, training and coaching people of all backgrounds who wish to explore, organise or enhance their innate healing gifts. He has given numerous workshops on healing, forgiveness, personal and spiritual development and non-attachment. He has been Regional Chair and Chair of Council for The Healing Trust and has worked widely as a professional healer over two decades.

Patrick is trained and qualified as a Soul Midwife, offering personalised, holistic care and support at end of life and through the process of dying.

While working in hospices as an Alexander teacher, Patrick found a clear relationship between patients’ manner of breathing and their levels of pain. This led him to private studies in New York with Lynn Martin, and later with Robin de Haas in Lausanne, to become a practitioner of MDH Breathing Coordination.

Patrick continues to sing for opera companies and in concerts, recordings and films. For more about Patrick, visit his website.

Wykeham is an English Pointer. He loves getting into cars, cheese, long walks and cuddles in bed. He finds it difficult to resist investigating the contents of an open bag.

Byron is a white Schnauzer. He loves ambushing Wykeham, chasing smaller furry animals, and sitting in the sun. He is happy to climb up stairs but prefers being carried back down.

La Scellerie is about living with nature in a cohesive, respectful way. It is a space to see how life can be different. Our vision is of a reciprocal world in which people, plants and animals exist in collaboration with each other and with nature everywhere, recognising that all are interconnected. Together with our guests of every age and ability, we seek to make the most of the rich resources found here for the development of each individual. We believe that:

  • Collaboration with and respect for all beings forms the foundation for peace and abundance

  • Every action, however small, will contribute to a meaningful change, somewhere for someone

  • Mindfulness and kindness in thought, word and action will bring healing change in ourselves and others.

We are keen gardeners and lovers of our fragile planet. On our plot we have a mix of rose borders and wild flowering plants, along with many fruit trees (apples, pears, quinces, medlars, cherries and plums). We are growing as much of our own veg as we can. Whatever we cannot grow, we buy from the local organic farm.

A "scel" is stamp, or a seal signifying quality. The ‘Scellerie’ is the place where sheets of fabric are ‘sealed’. In drapery, the ‘guardians’, who were quality controllers employed by the master drapers, were tasked with assessing the quality and dimensions of the sheets. If the quality of a sheet was satisfactory, the guardians affixed a small, round, lead seal which guaranteed its quality and raised its value. Some seals were prized and sought out for their quality. This has inspired our vision for La Scellerie. 

Photos and text are copyright of by Joo Teoh & Patrick Ardagh-Walter.

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